You know your thyroid is not functioning properly. You’ve had the tests, you’ve taken the medication. You feel good for a few weeks – maybe a month – then you’re right back to where you began. You’ve been told there’s nothing else that can be done.

You’re tired of being tired. We can help.

Our approach to treating thyroid conditions is unlike any you’ve experienced before. And this will make all the difference.

Thyroid conditions affect an estimated 27 million people a year – a large majority being women. And while the number of diagnosed cases are many, the remedies are often frustratingly elusive. Until now. We will help you regain your health even after other attempts have failed.

Instead of looking to see what the thyroid controls, we look to see what is causing the thyroid’s response. The thyroid is so entwined with all the functions of the body that it responds to the littlest change in one’s body chemistry. Therefore, by understanding adrenal function to comprehensive blood panels to whether your brain is receiving the fuel it needs, we gather together the information needed to bring about the life-changing response.

Tackling the Thyroid: How We Care for You

There are 22 types of hypo-thyroid manifestations. Understanding how to care for yourself requires more than running a limited number of tests or taking some iodine. (In fact, if someone offers you iodine as a remedy, run the other way!)

Here’s how we care for our thyroid patients:

Metabolic Approach

Anyone with thyroid symptoms or thyroid conditions must realize that they might have an autoimmune disease.

Yes, that’s right. Statistically speaking thyroid conditions are autoimmune in origin, which to properly treat, requires an entire thyroid panel for a clear understanding of how to bring about change, as follows:

Blood Panel Analysis
Based on each individual patient, we run six to nine individual thyroid makers including TSH, Total Thyroxine, Free Thyroxine Index, Free Thyroxine, Resin T3 Uptake, Free Triiodothyroxine, Reverse T3, Thyroid Binding Globulin, and Thyroid antibodies. Additionally, our comprehensive blood panel allows us to rule out anemias, blood sugar dysregulation, digestive issues, inflammation, and immune imbalances to give the overall picture as to what is causing your thyroid dysfunction.

Adrenal Analysis
By measuring the free fraction of cortisol in the saliva over a 24 hour period, we are able to evaluate the role abnormal adrenal and HPA axis rhythm, as well as blood sugar dysregulation, may be playing in their symptom picture, which may include: altered energy production, skin integrity, muscle and joint function, immune system function, bone health, sleep quality, thyroid function, blood sugar regulation, brain function and emotional health, and a tendency to allergies and autoimmunity.

Food Sensitivity Testing
There are many commonly accepted antigenic (substances capable of stimulating an immune response in the body) foods that are important to avoid in autoimmune conditions, especially Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. These include Wheat and other gluten-containing foods, soy, corn, dairy, and other genetically modified foods. We recommend a low antigenic diet with any autoimmune condition, and we use Food Sensitivity Testing to further narrow down what foods may be specifically antigenic to the individual.

Neurologic Approach

The brain is the relay station from the body to the thyroid for the thyroid’s proper function. To operate properly, the brain needs both fuel (glucose and oxygen) and activation (frequency of firing). We discover and correct any imbalance or malfunction in these by performing the following:

Tissue Perfusion Testing
Tissue Perfusion Testing monitors oxygen levels and how well the brain delivers that oxygen to the body.

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)
Once we have an understanding of how well the brain is functioning based on the results of the Tissue Perfusion Testing, we restore and rebalance the brain’s oxygen levels with Exercise With Oxygen Therapy.

Brain Based Therapies (BBT)
Specific activities to up-regulate the function of your brain.

Brain Activation
Cold laser therapy and the chiropractic adjustment can both be used to balance and activate various regions of the brain.

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